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Keep your LG home appliances running smoothly.

Safeguard your LG appliances. Protect yourself against accidents and mechanical/electrical malfunctions. Let us provide peace of mind for your home, and keep life running smoothly.
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About our LG appliance cover

While LG appliances are known for their quality and reliability, unexpected issues can still arise, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

With LG appliance insurance, you can ensure that your appliances are covered against a wide range of risks, including accidental damages, mechanical breakdowns, and electrical failures. Whether it's your television, home cinema system, washing machine, or any other LG appliance, this insurance offers cover that goes beyond the manufacturer's warranty.

Appliances are not only expensive to purchase but also costly to repair or replace. Repairing a faulty compressor in your refrigerator or fixing a malfunctioning motor in your washing machine can quickly add up. By having insurance, you can avoid the burden of unexpected expenses and potentially save a significant amount of money.

LG products we cover

We cover more than 30 different household appliance, home entertainment, and electrical products.


Keep family life running smoothly and protect your television today.

From £1.64 £1.07 a month


Elevate your audio experience, protected from accidental mishaps.

From £1.64 £1.07 a month


Clean dishes stress-free, covered for electrical and mechanical failures.

From £1.37 £0.89 a month

Home Cinema

Protect your investment with cover for accidental damage and breakdowns.

From £1.37 £0.89 a month

Washing Machine

Protect your washing machine against a variety of unexpected problems.

From £1.37 £0.89 a month

Washer Dryers

Clean hassle-free with cover for accidental damage and unexpected issues.

From £1.37 £0.89 a month

While we are committed to delivering unmatched coverage for your LG appliances, please note that we are not officially affiliated, associated, partnered with, or endorsed by LG, or any of its subsidiaries. The name LG, as well as related names, marks, emblems, and images are registered trademarks of their respective owners.