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Here you’ll find our blog articles giving tips and information about boilers, central heating, plumbing and appliances along with more information about home emergency insurance.

It’s Gas Safety Week!

It’s Gas Safety Week 14th – 20th September. Read our tips for keeping safe in your home when it comes to gas appliances and the engineers that are qualified to service them.

Save Water And Money Today!

Read our helpful tips and tricks and find out how much money you can save on your water and energy bills along with saving the environment by becoming more energy efficient!

Carbon Monoxide Safety

While we’re all staying at home a little more than normal, it’s important you know the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. Read on to find out more above the signs and how to prevent it.

Covid-19 Claims Experience

Find out how we’re helping people with their emergencies whilst in lockdown and how we’re ensuring the safety of our customers and staff, with our customer’s account of her claim.

Boiler Efficiency Guide

Read our handy guide to find out what you need to know about boiler efficiency, what to look for and how it can help you save money on your household heating bills.

Full Cover Vs Insurance Add On

Find out the differences between home emergency insurance and home insurance add-ons and which you should consider when reviewing cover for your home.

Boilers and Fuels Explained

With all the different boilers out there, it’s difficult to know what the advantages and disadvantages of each one are. Read our guide for more information.

Is Your Fridge Freezer Broken?

There are many reasons your fridge freezer might be playing up. Find out more about 4 of the signs of the most common problems and how you can solve them.

My Boiler: Repair Or Replace?

It’s stressful when your boiler breaks down even when the weather’s warm. Read our article to find out whether you should consider repairing or replacing your boiler.

Overworked Appliances?

With your kitchen appliances being used more than ever, it’s worth considering what you’d do if one of them suddenly broke down. Find out more about how we can help.

What Counts As An Emergency?

We know that it’s a confusing time for everyone and it’s hard to know what counts as an emergency. We’ve put together a simple guide to explain this for you.

Family Safety Week 2020

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents are running Family Safety Week from 30 March to 3rd April 2020. We’ve put together a list of top tips for keeping safe within your home.

Comparing Home Emergency Cover

Find out how to compare home emergency insurance plans effectively to ensure you’re covered in the event of a broken boiler, burst pipes or plumbing problems.

4 Benefits of Home Emergency Cover

There are many reasons why you should consider home emergency cover. We’ve put together our top four reasons to think about insuring against those unexpected home emergencies.

4 Benefits of Home Appliance Cover

Discover more about why you should consider home appliance insurance before one of your much needed kitchen appliances, such as your fridge freezer, breaks down.

How Pests Can Affect Your Home

Find out the different ways a pest infestation can affect your home and why it’s worth considering Complete Home Emergency Cover to ensure you’re covered for the specified pests.

How Cover Can Save You Time & Money

Find out more about the benefits of Home Emergency Cover, why you should consider it, and how it can save you time and money in the long run if the worst were to happen.

Save Money, Energy & the Environment!

It’s Big Energy Saving Week 2020, running from 20th January – 26th January! Find out how you can save money, energy and the environment through simple, everyday actions.

Looking After Your Drains & Pipes

Read our top tips for looking after your drains and pipes to avoid some of the most common problems which can prove to be costly and simple solutions for fixing these.

Why Is My Central Heating So Noisy?

Is your central heating making odd noises and driving you up the wall in the process? Find out some of the most common problems that may be causing this and how to resolve them.

When Should I Arrange A Boiler Service?

Making sure your boiler is serviced once a year is important to ensure that it’s working as it should do, but did you realise there’s a right time of year to consider doing this?

What Is Home Emergency Cover?

Find out what home emergency cover is, why it’s worth considering when you’re reviewing your insurance options and how it could even save you money in the long term.

Is Home Emergency Cover Worth It?

Have you considered how you’d cope financially or even who you’d call should you suffer from a home emergency such as your central heating breaking down or your boiler failing to work?

What Does Home Emergency Include?

We understand that our customers are looking for different types of home emergency cover with different levels of protection. Find out what you can include in your policy.

4 Common Boiler Problems

A boiler breakdown is a potentially costly inconvenience but do you know the four most common boiler problems to watch out for and what impact they might have on your home?

Caring For Your Boiler & Central Heating

The winter period is the most common time for boiler breakdowns. Here are a few of our top tips for how to look after your boiler and central heating system this festive period.

How To Clean Your Washing Machine

Cleaning your washing machine regularly ensures it works efficiently, preventing build-up of limescale and mould. Read on for our top tips on how to clean your machine.