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Here you’ll find our blog articles giving tips and information about boilers, central heating, plumbing and appliances along with more information about home emergency insurance.

5 Tips To Avoid Boiler Breakdown

Find out what a boiler is and how it works to keep your home warm and your water hot along with how the different types of boiler work.

New Years Sale – 22% Discount!

Save 22% on Home Emergency Cover, including boiler and heating insurance, in our January Sale. Hurry – offer ends 31.01.2022.

Make Insurance Your Resolution

If you’re adding items to your New Years’ Resolution list, find out why Home Emergency insurance should be on it and how easy it is to get.

Kitchen Tech To Destress Christmas

Find out about the smart kitchen appliances which’ll save you time and put you at ease during the festivities. Get a helping hand this Christmas!

Electrical Fire Safety Week 2021

Each year, the Government’s Fire Kills campaign promotes electrical fire safety in the home. Read our tips for keeping safe at home.

Your Boiler: The Basics

Find out what a boiler is and how it works to keep your home warm and your water hot along with how the different types of boiler work.

Thawing A Frozen Condensate Pipe

You get your boiler serviced once a year and make sure it’ll well maintained, but it can still struggle if the condensate pipe is frozen. Find out how to thaw it.

Unblocktober 2021

Change your kitchen and bathroom habits to improve the health of your plumbing and drainage and save the environment too. Read our simple tips today!

Boiler Switch On Month

From getting the right heating temperature to an annual service, here’s our tips on restarting your boiler after being turned off over the summer – get prepared for the colder months ahead!

Gas Safety Week 2021

Find out more about this national safety campaign designed to promote gas safety and keep you and your family safe at home. Read our tips for a safe home.

Change Your Laundry Habits

With some simple changes to your laundry habits you can save money and the environment! We’ve put together some straightforward tips to help you make the change.

How To Look After Your Taps Yourself

Leaking taps can add as much as £100 to your water bills in a year as well as being bad for the environment! Find out how to fix this potentially costly problem yourself with our handy guide.

What Appliance Cover Covers You For

Having Appliance Cover in place before a fault develops is important so you know you’ll be covered in the event that your kitchen appliance breaks down. Find out more.

Gas Boiler Services: what we check

A boiler service helps ensure your boiler and central heating system stay running as smoothly as possible. Find out what our Gas Safe registered engineers will check during the service

Make Your Fridge Freezer Last Longer

Your fridge/freezer is one of your most important kitchen appliances, so a breakdown is the last thing you need. Find out how to prolong its lifespan and keep it running at its best.

Register Your Boiler And/Or Appliance

Registering your boiler and/or appliances is important to making sure we have all the information needed in the event of you needing to make a claim.

Dishwasher Problems: How To Fix Them

We’ve put together a handy guide to help you diagnose your dishwasher problems and what might be going wrong, including leaks, cold water and too much noise.

Why You Need Home Emergency Cover

Home Emergency Cover can help protect you against broken boilers, burst pipes and more. Read our latest blog post to find out more about how it can help you.

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Oven

Cleaning your oven is an important chore to help prolong its lifespan and keep it working at it’s best. We’ve put together some top tips for you to help maintain your appliance.

Simple DIY Around The House

Read our handy guide for simple DIY you can do around the home yourself to save time and money, including plumbing maintenance, quick boiler fixes and basic DIY.

Tips To Avoid Home Emergencies

These helpful tips will help you take care of your home and avoid home emergencies. Take out Complete Home Emergency Cover with Home Emergency Assist to protect your home.

Prepare Your Home For Spring

Now that spring’s approaching and the warmer weather means you’re not using your boiler and central heating as often, it’s the best time to do some much needed home maintenance.

How To Protect Your Home’s Security

Do you know how to best protect your home’s security, including your locks, doors or windows? Our latest blog post has tips for avoiding losing your keys and more!

How To Switch Your Boiler Cover

Switching your boiler & central heating cover to Home Emergency Assist couldn’t be more simple. We’ve put together a handy guide for you of things to think about.

Protect What You Love

Protect what you love in our February sale and save up to 50% on Boiler & Heating, Plumbing & Drainage or Complete Home Emergency Cover as well as our Appliance Insurance.

What To Do With Roof Damage

Roof damage can be extremely costly to repair if not caught quickly. Find out what to do in the event you have missing, broken or loose roof tiles to avoid damage to your home.

Enhanced Vs. Premium Cover

Our Home Emergency insurance is flexible to meet your needs, with different packages and cover levels available. Find out the differences with our handy guide.

Preparing For A Winter Lockdown

With winter well and truly here and with millions of us already in a second lockdown, it’s more important than ever to maintain your boiler, pipes and drains and vital kitchen appliances.

Electrical Fire Safety Week

It’s Electrical Fire Safety Week – do you know how to spot the sign of faulty wiring? We’ve put together some simple steps to avoid suffering a devastating fire.

Preventing Your Pipes From Freezing

Frozen pipes can burst in cold weather which leads to trying to find an emergency plumber or expensive repair bills. Find out how to protect your pipes as the cold weather approaches.