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Posted on 26 November 2019

When Should I Arrange A Boiler Service?

A boiler service is hugely important to ensure that your boiler is functioning as it should be. At Home Emergency Assist, we offer home emergency boiler cover with an optional boiler service, which we recommend doing once a year to reduce the chance of a sudden breakdown.

But is there a certain time of year that you should arrange your boiler service? Definitely! If you already have, or are interested in boiler and heating system cover with us, there are various benefits to suggest that it is better to arrange your boiler service during the warmer months. This is why we aim to complete our boiler servicing between April and September.

Flexible and convenient for you

Generally, there are less boiler breakdowns during the summer, which means that our engineers are not as busy compared to colder months of the year. If you arrange your service included in your boiler cover with us during the summer, there is often the chance of more flexibility to choose an appointment that is convenient for you, as well as a shorter waiting time.

Ensure your boiler is ready in time for winter

Arranging your boiler service in the summer months means that your mind will be at rest in time for winter, when boiler problems are more likely to occur and are more problematic if they do so. If you choose boiler cover and hot water tank insurance at Home Emergency Assist, we can ensure that your boiler is working as it should be but will also be there for you in case the worst was to happen during winter.

Provide your boiler with consistent care

During the summer, our boilers are turned off because the weather is a lot warmer. When the colder weather creeps back in, problems are more likely to occur when you turn your boiler back on after months of being dormant.  If you opt for an annual boiler service when purchasing home emergency cover, we can assess your boiler in accordance with the Gas Safety Regulations, so you are all set for winter. Our UK approved engineers will also recommend areas that may require further maintenance. For extra protection, our boiler and central heating cover will ensure that you are fully protected if you did happen to suffer an unfortunate boiler or central heating emergency breakdown.

To find out more about how we’re here to solve your emergency breakdowns with our boiler cover including service and other types of home emergency cover, including plumbing & drains and home appliances cover, contact our friendly team on 0330 09 48 301. You can even request a call back to discuss your requirements or get a quote online!

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