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How Do I Reignite My Boiler Pilot Light?

If you’ve noticed that you have no heating or hot water and you’re struggling to get your boiler pilot light to ignite, we’ve put together some simple steps for you to try.

Please note, we can only give you basic advice on this page to do the job yourself. Make sure you use the right tools and protective equipment to avoid hurting yourself or damaging your home.

Does the boiler pilot light keep going out?

The pilot light is used to ignite the gas which in turn heats the water in your boiler and fires up your central heating. Follow these steps to solve the problem:

  • If it’s gone out, you’ll need to reset it as per your manufacturer’s instructions. Newer boilers tend to have an ignitor, whereas an older boiler pilot light may require you to light a match for ignition
  • Check whether a draught is responsible for blowing out the pilot light. You can check for potential draughts by lighting a candle and seeing if it blows out. (Draughts will often come from poorly sealed windows or under doors)
  • Check if there could be debris blocking the jet

Pilot light jets are relatively inexpensive to replace should you need to, but can also be removed, cleaned and reinstalled. A heating engineer will be able to confirm the best course of action and replace the jet accordingly.

Is the pilot light present but weak?

Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to locate the screw on the pilot light valve and following the instructions, turn the screw until the flame is crisp and blue.

Faulty thermocouple

If you’ve followed the above steps and your pilot light still won’t ignite, there could be a problem with the thermocouple. This is the sensor that opens up the gas valve when the pilot light ignites; this is to ensure that gas doesn’t leak out from your boiler when there’s no pilot light present.

If this is the problem, you’ll need to get it looked at by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Noticed an orange or yellow pilot light?

If your boiler is igniting but you’ve noticed an orange or yellow pilot light, it may be producing carbon monoxide. This is an odourless, poisonous gas which can be fatal.

If your pilot light is any colour other than blue, turn off the boiler immediately and contact a Gas Safe registered engineer.

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