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Posted on 27 February 2020

4 Benefits of Home Appliance Cover

There are few things worse than one of your much-needed kitchen appliances breaking down and the inconvenience and expense of replacing one of them can prove to be a nightmare.

Fill the gap between a warranty and home insurance

Home insurance will typically cover your home appliances in the event of damage or theft but are unlikely to cover them in the event of a breakdown.

This is where the warranty comes in; most new appliances come with a manufacturer’s warranty guaranteeing you repairs and servicing for the first year. However, most problems occur outside of this warranty period.

In this instance, should your appliance breakdown, you’ll need to either replace it yourself or pay the manufacturer to repair your product – both can be costly and leave you out of pocket.

Appliance insurance aims to fill the gap between the two, by covering you for any mechanical or electrical breakdowns (along with accidental damage) that occur outside of the warranty period.

Reduce downtime

Home appliance insurance can ensure that you are not without vital appliances, such as your fridge/freezer, washing machine or oven for long periods of time while you’re waiting for them to be fixed, or until you save enough money to replace it yourself.

Typically, a trained engineer will be sent out as quickly as possible at a mutually convenient time to repair your appliance and, if they’re not able to fix it, replace it

Avoid unexpected costs

By taking out home appliance insurance, you know for a small monthly premium, your appliance (or appliances) will be repaired or replaced as part of the cover so you won’t need to find a large sum of money for a new appliance if yours suddenly stops working.

Add more than one appliance

With most policies, you can cover more than one appliance. With Home Emergency Assist, you can add up to 10 appliances ranging from washing machines to wine coolers to ensure that all your essential kitchen appliances are covered. You also get a discount for insuring 2 or more appliances with us.

The appliances we can cover are:


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